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STARTUP DIARY – DESIGN SPRINT CLASS – For early-stage startups with limited money and resources, time is of the utmost importance. Founders and their team have to manage time as efficient as possible for all of their activities.

Often times, prototyping is one of the activities that takes the most of startups’ time. Some designers can take up to several weeks to develop a prototype, and it may not fully adhere to users’ needs.

Therefore, we decided to make a class about capturing user perspective and translating that into prototype. Titled “Design Sprint”, this class fast forwards prototyping process in just a couple of days and validate it with real users. It is taught by design sprint expert, Borrys Hasian, who received his education in User Experience/User Interface from Google.

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“Startups often don’t have time or resources to do full iterative process. That’s why we need design sprint to hasten the process of designing product / service.” Explained Borrys in today’s class.

In his class, participants learned to do consumer journey mapping and think from the users’ perspective. They were given tasks to develop several products or business. The challenge is, they have to consider all of the users’ needs and the steps required to develop that products in a very short time. Participants from batch #3 are not the only ones who received new insights today. We also invite some of our alumni to join.

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“We’re used to brainstorm in our startups. But now I know the right method and the most effective one to produce fast results.” Admit Raisa from, GnB’s alumni from Batch #2.

We hope that all of our startups can implement the design sprint thinking to their own businesses.